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We Were


Commissioned by The Saudi Art Council 

We Were is a video installation that revolves around the intensity of the hidden human connections, embodying the nature of the emotional cycle in the context of relations and communications between one another. It’s an endeavour to manifest visually the birth of the bond, the collective energy and it’s temporality, ending with the evanescence of these connections.


This body of work traces, in particular, how humans process the fast motion of relations, forming multiple layers of memories and the ability to define the notion of departure and disappearance after the termination of each emotional cycle.


Perceiving the body language as a medium of expression and a form of a dialogue, this piece demonstrates the power of the human connectivity and the fragility of isolation through performing a motion of patterns.


The film is projected onto a large rear-projection screen that lies along a diagonal line, dividing the space in half. In order to see the film from both its sides, viewers need to walk around the screen, undergoing their own crossing of sorts, and as such partaking in the unfolding cinematic scene themselves.

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