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A video installation piece combined with stills of captured motion, were developed from an exploration of internal regression; where the artist manifests the struggle of dealing with both destructive and creative sides.

In this installation, the artist portrays the causal feelings of overwhelming melancholy and the internal struggle that leads to a reassessment of the conception of life. During the process, the artist revisits past events journey and traces their present effects; leading to the exploration of the work’s subject in rediscovering and pacifying the “inner child”.

Oudah is an attempt to visualise the healing process of seeking reconciliation with the suspended childhood memories, answering unanswered questions and sinking deep in the layers of the subconscious, in order to transform the emotional struggle into a visual



These recorded scenes of an individual floating underwater expose a blurry footage that emphasises the aspect of disconnection from an existing reality. The subject transits into an internal world, where it encounters its collective entity. The piece proposes that the only way for true creation, is through the powerful contact and conciliation with one’s inner self.

The collaboration between Marwah AlMugait and Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to conquer Mount Everest, accomplishes an ethereal and delicate aesthetic performance, that maintains being subtly strong.

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