"As spectator I was interested in photography only for "sentimental" reasons; I wanted to explore it not as s question (a theme) but as a wound: I see, I feel, hence I notice, I observe, and I think." - Roland Barthes


It's within Fashion Photography I'm practicing the past few years, I came to discover the reality that captures the subject's - model-features each time I pause the session for her to change the outfit , hair and make up. It's a rushing, demanding industry where there is a limited space for emotions, the reason that urged me to pause myself and slow down this whole process by documenting the drastic changes in her status as she transit from the glamorous lights to the pale neon light. I wanted to play the rule of a spectator this time more than a fashion photographer, a spectator looking for a reality in human being.    

And here comes the beauty of the backstage photography wither in films, fashion shows or any type of performances. The photographer and his camera would be invisible roaming around looking for what could lies underneath layers of skin, looking for souls within an artificial life.