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Courtyard Art exhibition, Jeddah 2011

MA Photojournalism Final Show, London 2012

Brunel University, London 2012

Abu Dhabi Art, UAE 2012

Lam Art Gallery, Riyadh 2013

Lomar [Unstitched] Contemporary Art Exhibition, Gallery Naila, Riyadh 2013

Gallery Naila, 21,39 Jeddah 2014  

Emerge Art Fair, Washington DC 2014

Inlight Studio, group exhibition, Toronto 2014

Naila Art Gallery, first solo exhibition, Riyadh 2015

Alberah Art Gallery, group exhibition, Bahrain 2015

Galerie Clairefontaine, group exhibition, Luxembourg 2015
AlHangar Art, group exhibition, Jeddah 2016
21,39 Safar Exhibition, Jeddah 2017
Epicenter, group exhibition, The Arab American National Museum, 
Detroit 2017



Metro Imaging one year mentorship 2012

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