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May We Meet Again


This project explores the notion of infinite spaces and the possibility of creating an alternative reality through various narratives. It is based on the vital connection between its location, at the Saudi National Museum, and the people who inhabit this space and are mostly residents of the area, who come from different countries and cultural backgrounds. It is an attempt to manifest this bond through a common universal language. Poetry is a fundamental element in this artwork, as it communicates directly to the viewers in different languages, allowing them to be an essential part of the work and inviting them into a more intimate and personal experience. 


A montage of abstract footage manifests these poems visually, projected on a water screen on the roof of the museum in an endeavor to humanize a space that is relevant and familiar to residents and regular visitors. They will be able to interact and experiment with performance, light and film and be transported to an alternative reality, to a joyful fantasy world, where the familiar becomes unfamiliar.

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